what are some fictional diseases like the hanahaki disease?

what are some fictional diseases like the hanahaki disease?
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Hanahaki disease is a fictional affliction in the manga and anime series, Attack on Titan. It is a rare and deadly disease that affects individuals who have had their hearts crushed by someone they love.

The disease causes flowers to bloom from the victim's mouth as they gradually lose their ability to breathe. Symptoms include difficulty in breathing, chest pain, dizziness, and nausea. There is no known cure for the disease.

There are many diseases that are only found in fiction. For example, the hanahaki disease is a fictional respiratory illness depicted in the manga and anime series "A Silent Voice". It is said to be caused by heartbreak, whereby flowers blossom from the victim's mouth as they gradually suffocate to death. Other examples of fictional diseases include Kuru (a human prion disease found in Papua New Guinea), Alice in Wonderland Syndrome (a hallucination disorder coined after Lewis Carroll's book), and water intoxication.

There are a number of fictional diseases that have been created over the years, many of which are based on real-world illnesses. One example is the hanahaki disease, which is a fictional condition that is often used in Japanese manga and anime. The hanahaki disease is a romanticized version of tuberculosis, and is often portrayed as a fatal illness that affects the lungs. It is characterized by a strong flowery smell being emitted from the victim's mouth, and it is said that the disease can be contracted by simply seeing someone who is affected by it.

Hanahaki disease is a fictional disease that is mentioned in the manga and anime series, "Ai Yori Aoshi". The disease is contracted when a person falls in love with someone who does not reciprocate those feelings. As a result, the person begins to cough up blood as they gradually lose the ability to breathe. The idea for the disease is based on a real-life Japanese phenomenon known as hanahaki, which is when a person vomits flowers as a sign of their unrequited love.

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