The Terrifying Reality of Fictional Diseases: A Comprehensive Guide

The Terrifying Reality of Fictional Diseases: A Comprehensive Guide
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  • Definition of fictional diseases and why they are used in storytelling
  • Examples of fictional diseases in popular media (e.g. The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, The Last of Us)

The Terrifying Reality of Fictional Diseases

  • Fictional diseases often have roots in real-world diseases or scientific concepts
  • These diseases can be used to explore societal issues and fears (e.g. pandemics, bioterrorism)
  • The depiction of fictional diseases in media can affect public perception and understanding of real-world diseases

A Comprehensive Guide to Fictional Diseases

  • Ebola-Reston: A fictional strain of the Ebola virus featured in the book "The Hot Zone" and the film "Outbreak." This strain is capable of infecting primates and is highly contagious, but not deadly to humans.
  • Solanum: The virus responsible for turning humans into zombies in the book and film "World War Z." Solanum is transmitted through bites or scratches from infected individuals and causes a rapid transformation into a zombie-like state.
  • Cordyceps fungus: A fictional fungus featured in the video game "The Last of Us." In the game, the fungus infects humans and causes them to become violent, mindless monsters. The fungus is able to control the host's behavior and eventually kills them.
  • Green Flu: A fictional virus featured in the video game "Left 4 Dead." The Green Flu is highly contagious and causes severe respiratory issues, leading to death within hours of infection. It is also capable of reanimating the dead, creating hordes of mindless zombies.


  • Fictional diseases can be a useful tool for storytelling and exploring societal issues
  • However, it's important to remember that these diseases are not real and should not be taken as fact
  • It's crucial to educate ourselves about real-world diseases and how to prevent their spread.

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