Love Sickness: Famous Fictional Diseases Caused By Unrequited Love

Love Sickness: Famous Fictional Diseases Caused By Unrequited Love
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My last relationship ended because I was in love with someone else. And now I am constantly plagued by a myriad of fictional illnesses, probably brought on by my unrequited love: Fictional Disease #1: The Shiver of Anticipation (FDA Approved) This is a chronic condition characterized by uncontrollable shivers that occur when you think about the person you are in love with but are not going to get. Caused by an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine, the

Unrequited love can be a tricky thing. If you’ve ever been in love with someone who didn’t feel the same way about you, then you know how it can make you feel. But some people find ways to cope with their unrequited love that are just crazy.

As a writer, one of the most inspiring things about the human condition is how people are able to overcome adversity. Every day, people face hardships and heartbreaks that would cripple others. But some people are able to move past it and find success in their lives.

The following five fictional diseases are all caused by unrequited love. They are tragic tales that will touch your heart, but also serve as reminders that there is always hope in life.

Pining over someone you can never have is a universal experience. It’s so common in fact, that there are entire diseases that were created as a result of it.

However, diseases aren’t the only thing you should worry about if your heart gets broken. There are a number of fictional illnesses caused by love that you should be aware of as well.

I’ve gathered every fictional illness caused by unrequited love together for your perusal. I’ve also included a short description of the symptoms and how to treat them. Take notes!

Conclusion: The most famous fictional disease caused by unrequited love is probably the one in Twilight, which was caused by Bella’s obsessive love for Edward. For most people, though, it’s probably easier to think of fictional diseases from TV shows and movies. In that case, you might want to check out our list of Fictional Diseases Caused By Unrequited Love.

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