ethanisupreme - Beauty Vlogger Ethan Peters, 17, Has Reportedly Died

ethanisupreme - Beauty Vlogger Ethan Peters, 17, Has Reportedly Died
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Ethan Is Supreme (@ethanisupreme) , a beauty influencer dies at the age of 17 Ethan Peters, an American influencer, died at the age of only 17 from what appears to be an overdose.

American influencer Ethan Peters, known as Ethan is Supreme on social media, has died at the age of 17. An announcement made by her father to Fox News and a close friend of her on Instagram.

With more than 700,000 subscribers on TikTok, 500,000 followers on Instagram and a community of 130,000 fans on Youtube, the young man was known to express his artistic creativity without limits. Discovered in 2017, he quickly enjoyed dazzling success thanks to his beauty creations: extravagant make-up, outfits ...

No exact information on the cause of his death has yet been revealed, however suspicions of drug use, including problems of addiction to Oxycodone, an opioid drug, have been raised by Ethan's relatives.

Her devastated friend Ava Louise warns young audiences:

  • I ask you to always get drugs out of the hands of your friends. Buy them test kits. Force them to ask for help, even if they say no.

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